⚠️ Partial Outage

Affected: CIBC Online Banking

CIBC Banking is part of our "Expand" collection of connectors and relies on a third-party for the connection. The third party provider (Yodlee) has only intermittently performed automatic updates for CIBC Banking and automatic refreshes of your CIBC Online banking account. This causes the dashboard to show outdated account balances or "syncing" and spin indefinitely.

You might succeed in getting it to sync by fixing/editing your credentials to reestablish the connection.  

In addition to this update problem. Some users report not being able to establish the connection and being left with "It seems CIBC Online Banking is taking longer than usual to respond."



We understand this is not acceptable for most of our users using CIBC Banking. We are currently developing a "Core" connector of our own for CIBC Banking which should be ready soon and will be much more stable. The ETA for the new "Core" connector is end of April.

Hopefully, the new connector will resolve the problems for everyone once and for all.