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Since our third-party doesn't support automatic refreshes of your CIBC Online banking account, for now, you will need to manually refresh your CIBC account in order to sync it with updated values. We are planning on implementing our own connection with CIBC soon, which will be much more stable, and we will update you as soon as we have it! Thank you for your patience! 


We are aware of the issue with connecting CIBC Online Banking accounts to Wealthica. We are working hard on making the necessary changes and will have an update at the beginning of the next week. Thank you for your patience!


As of September 22th, the ongoing issue connecting and reconnecting CIBC accounts that was affecting many users since the end of May, has been resolved.   You should now be able to seamlessly link your CIBC account to Wealthica.  The issue was related to how 2-factor authentication code was handled. If you tried connecting your account multiple times while the issue was ongoing, you might have locked your 2-factor auth account and might still experience problems, please keep reading.

Still having problems connecting your CIBC account?

1- Verify if your 2-factor auth is locked at CIBC

If you were previously affected by the CIBC connection problem and you still can't connect your account, we suggest that you check if your 2FA is locked at CIBC.  You might still be able to access your CIBC account normally if you are using a browser that has already established a session and does not require you to authenticate using 2-factor authentication. It has been reported that CIBC might also trust your network so it wouldn't tell you the account is locked if you are using the same WIFI from different devices.

Here's what a user reported :  

It just so happens that when I login to any of my computers or laptops they have already been logged in and are trusted so it never asked for 2FA. Even on my phone because I was on Wifi it just logged in with my FaceID.  So later on I tried it from the car off LTE. When I tried to login to my CIBC account alone it wanted to do 2FA because I was on different network, etc. Message came up that it was locked. As soon as I got them to unlock I was able to setup and get it working. 


2- Login with a different browser or in incognito mode

In order to validate wether or not your CIBC account is locked, try logining to your CIBC account with a different browser or using private/incognito or using a different network (your mobile hotspot for example) and see if it triggers your 2-factor authentication.

3- If you fail to login, get CIBC to unlock your account

If you can't login to CIBC using another browser or a private/incognito window, your will get a message which will confirm your account is locked. The message includes instructions (phone number) to contact CIBC and get your account unlocked.  Once your account is unlocked, you should be able to connect it to Wealthica.


CONNECTING NEW ACCOUNTS (May 29th 2020) (Expand Issue Resolved)

As of May 28th 2020 , issues connecting new CIBC Online Banking accounts have been reported. We are investigating to confirm the issue.

As of June 2nd 2020, it seems it's an intermittent issue.  Some users reported successfully connecting their CIBC Banking account after retrying 3-4 times. We continue our investigation in order to reestablish the connectivity completely. 

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