Employer Lookup 

When adding your Computershare Employee Online account to Wealthica, you will be required to enter your Employer Name or ID. Wealthica will perform a lookup on the Computershare site in order to find your employer. This step is important to successfully link your account to Wealthica.


Canadian Employer

When adding a Canadian employer, the easiest method is to input the name of your employer name as you would enter it in the Company Name search box from the Computershare Employer Online website. If multiple matches are found, make sure you enter the company name as it appears in the results box.

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Non-Canadian Employer

Use the Employer ID method to link a non-Canadian employer.

Linking with Employer ID

If you are having trouble with the above method, or if you are trying to link a non-Canadian employer, Wealthica also supports connecting with an Employer ID. The Employer ID can be found in the URL of your Computershare Employee Online employer login page. Look for a cgid or issuerid parameter.

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Problem Connecting your Computershare Account?

If you are still unable to connect your Computershare Employee Online account, please contact us at hello@wealthica.com or by clicking the purple (?) icon at the bottom right on Wealthica.