The team at CoinTracking has made it possible for Wealthica users to use the CoinTracking API for free after connecting their Wealthica account. To sign up on CoinTracking, please follow this link: and complete a very fast registration process:


After this, please go to your Wealthica account, and in the Add-ons section, select Get more add-ons and then find CoinTracking from the list. When you enter it, please select Free Install.


Then, click on "Connect CoinTracking", and you will be asked for API Key and API Secret. To do this, you will need to get back on your CoinTracking account and copy them from there. 


In your CoinTracking account, please go to Account, and then click on API. Select an orange button "Create new API key". This will generate your personal API Key and API Secret. Copy those and paste them in Wealthica.


You are done! Your CoinTracking account should be properly synced in Wealthica now!

NOTE: If the API key already exists in your CoinTracking account, you need to disable it and create a new one to get the API secret.

LIMITATION: There is a known limitation with CoinTracking, where they don't provide book value for your holdings. 


If you experience any issues with the connection, please reach out to us at: