Noticed a huge spike/drop in your Wealthica dashboard? This might happen when you move money from one account to another and it is not showing in any of your accounts for a few days or when one of the assets you track manually is moved to an institution that syncs automatically.
Don't worry, you can fix it!
There’s a free add-on that allows you to edit your account historical value. You will need to go to "Get more add-ons page" and click on the Wealthica History add-on. Then click the “Free Install” button on the left. 
Once it's installed, you can use the add-on (from the Add-ons dropdown, navigate to Wealthica History). Use the add-on to fix the value for the day you have a huge spike or drop.
Get in touch with us if you experience any issues or want to learn more about Wealthica add-ons.