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Transactions Yes
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Known Issues


Enabling too many unnecessary fields in your flex report can cause extra burden on IB and can cause issues generating the report. Make sure ou select only the required fields. Refer to How to Configure the Flex Query for more information. 

Please note that IB flex query reports the previous day's data

Frequent Questions

Is it possible to import more than 1 year of data from IB?

Data from Interactive Brokers is synced using Flex Queries.

The Flex Query report will only ever show 365 days at a time, but it can be a different 365 day period. Technically you could try creating a report for each 365 days period you want to import.

Then, you will need to provide each of the Flex Query information to Wealthica, one at a time, so that we import data from each Flex Report. You can use the "Edit Credentials" link that shows up when editing your Interactive Brokers connection in Wealthica to connect each of the Flex Query ID, one at a time. 

After you connect a new Flex Query ID, wait for the sync to turn back into "OK" status on the Dashboard.  Then validate the transactions from the report were imported (by loading the transaction view and filtering to the selected period).  Once the transactions are successfully imported, go back to the fix credential window and update the data with the next Flex Query you want to import.

Finally make sure you update your IB one last time with the current report so we start picking all your new transactions and most recent Holdings information.

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