In order to ensure the accuracy of the Realized Gain report and ACB calculation in Wealthica you must make sure you follow the usage guidelines and consider the report limitations outlined below.  

Usage Guidelines

  • Make sure your buy/sell transactions are properly identified for the cost base to be properly calculated.
  • Fix any incomplete transaction
  • Wealthica will show a yellow exclamation mark next to your holding when it thinks you may be missing transactions.
  • You can add missing transactions manually using the transaction view.
  • If you find a problem please report it.



Splits are now supported ! Please report any issue.

Splits aren't currently handled. The Realized Gains report will report this as an error and a yellow exclamation mark will be shown. We are working on this.

Mutual Funds/ETFs

Wealthica relies on transactions to calculate your gains, anything related to an ETF or Mutual fund that is hidden inside a DISTRIBUTION won't be considered. If you hold ETFs or mutual funds that returns capital you will need to record ROC transactions for the cost base to be properly calculated. You may want to look at which does a great job at identifying those distributions for you.

Norbert's Gambit

Wealthica Realized Gain report will be confused when journaling DLR over to DLR.U (or the opposite). You can work around this issue by manually recording a BUY/SELL on the transferred side. We're working on improving Norbert's Gambit support.


Options are not handled very well in Wealthica at this time.