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Production Stable
Accounts Yes
Positions Yes
Transactions Yes
Documents Not supported
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Known Issues


We have confirmed this issue with Wealthsimple Engineering. Support for Wealthsimple Crypto is still very preliminary. Crypto Holdings are not currently supported by the Wealthsimple API. Transactions are reported but identified as Transfers.


Wealthsimple doesn't make its data available through the API in real time.  There are usually multiple data updates per day so the data should be up to date when Wealthica syncs but in some cases additional delays will occur. This is currently a limitation of the Wealthsimple API and not a restriction on our part.  If you experience some update delays, they should resolve automatically the next time Wealthica syncs with your Wealthsimple Trade data.

Frequent Questions

Can I sync Wealthsimple Crypto in Wealthica?

Yes! Wealthica has preliminary support for Wealthsimple Crypto through the Wealthsimple Trade connection. Currently, there are 2 limitations with this connection:

1) Wealthsimple is NOT providing crypto holdings for Wealthsimple Crypto. You will only be able to see the total account balances (not individual cryptos under Holdings in Wealthica).

2) Buy/Sell transactions are not currently properly being labeled and they are reported as Transfer.

Both issues have been escalated to Wealthsimple engineering.

Adding a 2nd Wealthsimple Trade Account

To add a second Wealthsimple Trade account your will need to logout from the previously connected account on Wealthsimple web site/portal. You can do so by going here https://my.wealthsimple.com and logging out. Once you are logged out, you can repeat the add investment process within Weathica.

I don't have a Wealthsimple account, only Wealthsimple Trade. How can I connect?

Wealthsimple and Wealthsimple Trade are 2 different connectors within Wealthica. The Wealthsimple Trade connector will work with your Wealthsimple Trade credentials even if you do not have a Wealthsimple Investment account. You can still authorize the API connection to Wealthica on Wealthsimple using your Wealthsimple Trade credentials. If in doubt, use the email address you used to signup to Wealthsimple Trade as your username, and Wealthsimple Trade mobile app password for password. 

Enhancements (Planned)